10 quick Steps to Remember for Healthier Skin

healthier skin
Yes vTrue vitamins, minerals, and botanicals are amazing for the skin, but here are 10 other quick steps to remember for healthier skin.

1. Skip sodium

Sodium causes bloating and can make your face and jawline puffy. Sodium is not just in food – beware of those diet sodas, which have 25 to 50 mg of sodium per can. Try to stick to water or tea as a healthier alternative.

2. Cleanse with care

Make sure your facial cleanser is not too harsh. If your face is left feeling tight and dry you should switch to something gentler that will clean away dirt without over drying.

3. Reduce sugar intake

Sugar causes breakouts and increase inflammation. If you are struggling with acne, cut out as much excess sugar in your diet and get visibly betters skin.

4. Eat your veggies

Leafy green vegetables such as broccoli have multiple vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthy looking skin – be sure to get your daily servings.

5. Develop a bedtime routine

Sometimes the hardest part of a beauty routine is remembering the steps or finding the time to use your products. If you develop a bedtime routine, you will eventually find it second nature to cleanse and apply products at night.

6. Wear sunscreen

Always wear sunscreen no matter the time of year. UV radiation can reach your skin in summer and winter, so if you are going to be outside be sure to protect your skin.

7. Relax

Stress causes breakouts and increases inflammation. Make sure you build in some zen time in your day to reset your body and your skin will thank you.

8. Moisturize

Apply lotion on a regular basis to keep your skin hydrated, smooth, and youthful looking.

9. Eat skin saving foods

You are what you eat. Certain foods have skin benefits, such as salmon, almonds and blueberries. The essential fatty acids, omega-3s, and antioxidants in these foods will save your skin long past lunchtime.

10. Practice Yoga

Yoga moves help improve your circulation. Increasing blood flow allows more oxygen and nourishments to reach the cells of the skin, giving you the healthy glow.