10 Strong, Powerful Women to Inspire Your Inner Badass

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Ah, the Notorious RBG. She’s the resident boss babe of the Justice System, and—after serving 23 years as a U.S. Supreme Court justice—has earned some serious respect from her peers and the public. The Brooklyn native has been a consistent pioneer of gender equality and a champion for women’s rights—with no plans to retire anytime soon. If you’re still wondering why she made it on our list, check out her workout routine, and you’ll totally understand.


Ashley Graham



Ashley Graham is more than just a model from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue—she’s leading the charge in breaking down the “size 2″3 bubble in the fashion and fitness communities and advocating for women of all shapes and sizes to be shown front and center. (She even launched a swimwear collection with SwimsuitsForAll.) She rallies behind the #healthyatanysize and #curvyfit movements—which prove you don’t need to be ripped to be healthy and happy—and gets *real* on her Instagram about everything from cellulite to body shaming to outlawing the word “plus-size” once and for all.


Senator Elizabeth Warren


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is one of Washington’s leading ladies, and if last year is any indication, she’s not going to slow down in 2017. She’s long been a fierce advocate for working families, education, and expanding medical research—and fought for women’s rights as well. This year, she made her voice heard loud and clear at the January 2017 Women’s March, where you could hear her encouraging women to make sure “we fight harder, we fight tougher, and we fight more passionately than ever,” according to a video of her speech on CNN. While 2017 marks a record-breaking year for females in the Senate, we’re still 29 seats shy of an equal share. Here’s hoping Warren (and the 20 other women leading the charge) will fight the good fight for all of us.


Demi Lovato


Demi has never been one to fit into the Disney princess stereotype—and her rebellious anti-bullying, self-love, and body-image statements have only made that more clear. She’s not afraid to say “see ya” to the spotlight for a whole year in the name of mental health and has come totally clean about any mental health issues she’s had in the past—that illusion of pop perfection be damned. She’s already started 2017 with some wow-worthy work: a mental health documentary that speaks volumes.


Flywheel CEO Sarah Robb O’Hagan


Sarah Robb O’Hagan is conquering the business world, one kickass health company at a time. She’s led transformative campaigns at Virgin and Nike, served as global president for both Gatorade and Equinox, and is the newly appointed CEO of boutique fitness company Flywheel Sports—which all helped earn her the titles of Forbes‘ “Most Powerful Women in Sports” and Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business.” Not to mention, she’s dedicated to spreading the #girlpower: She’s served on Hillary Clinton’s U.S. State Department Council to Empower Women and Girls through Sports and is a trustee of the Women’s Sports Foundation. (And BTW she’s crazy fit; this photo shows her hiking the Routeburn Track in New Zealand.)

Feeling inspired yet? You can steal her success secrets in her new book on how to crush it, which is meant to inspire women to follow their dreams: Extreme You: Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat. (out in April 2017). And this isn’t just another “here’s why I’m awesome” career book; Robb O’Hagan gets real about her “career canyon of despair” and every “epic fail” she had along the way. Now that’s the kind of #realtalk girl power role model we can get behind.


Trainer Jen Widerstrom


ICYMI, The Biggest Loser trainer Jen Widerstrom is simply everything. Her real-talk, no-BS, you-can-effing-do-it approach to fitness (and utterly lovable personality) make her a true gem of the industry. Plus, she’s headed into 2017 hotter than ever thanks to her new book, Diet Right for Your Personality Type that’s flying off shelves, and her monthly column in new issues of Shape. Oh yeah, and this girl isn’t afraid to go unfiltered on Instagram as she continues to prove that strong women are admirable AF.


Lena Dunham


Lena Dunham is a disruptor—in the best way possible. She’s not afraid to be 100 percent honest about everything, from her struggle with endometriosis to posting totally un-retouched photos, encouraging people to take guilt-free sick days (because, really, you should), speaking out about the intersection of feminism and fitness, abortion, and body-shaming. (Seriously, there’s a reason she calls herself “the voice of our generation.”)


Serena Williams


This tennis star started 2017 by defeating her sister Venus to win her seventh Australian Open title (sending her to rank #1 worldwide in women’s tennis), gracing the inside of the Sports Illustratedswimsuit issue, and putting out a gorgeous collection of her fashion line, Serena Williams Signature Statement. She’s no stranger to sharing her power, either. She’s an advocate of body positivity for young girls, and (as you can clearly see in this Instagram post for IWD 2017) isn’t afraid to prove that women are strong and powerful too.


Iskra Lawrence


As the face of Aerie’s un-retouched #AerieREAL campaign, Iskra has been in the body-positive spotlight for a few years now—and shows zero signs of letting up. She battles body-shamers like it’s her job, has stripped down (literally and figuratively—even on the subway) to open up about body image, and even gave a crazy-inspiring TED Talk opening up about her own confidence issues and her advice for tapping into the self-love feels.


Jessamyn Stanley


This body-positive yogi is shattering the illusion that yoga mats are made for certain sizes or body types. She’s already been spreading her uncensored take on the body positivity movement and proving that every body is a yoga body. Her reach only expands with the launch of her book Every Body Yoga in April 2017, which is dedicated to breaking all the yoga stereotypes and help readers and yogis transcend emotional and physical barriers.


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