Your Post-Workout Skincare Routine

The second you step off that treadmill or finish lifting those weights, it is time to think about your post-workout skincare routine. Taking a few minutes after your workout to follow these simple steps can help keep your complexion healthy and breakout free.


Post-Workout Cleanse

Wash your face as soon as possible after you finish a workout. Sweat buildup will clog your pores and cause breakouts. Use a gentle cleanser on your face to remove all the dirt, oil, and possibly sunscreen that has accumulated throughout your exercise session. Don’t forget the rest of your body, which is probably covered in sweat. Staying in sweaty workout gear can also clog your pores and cause body breakouts. Try to schedule your shower time soon after a workout to remove those dirty workout clothes as soon as possible. If you can’t get to a shower quick enough, carry cleansing cloths to wipe down the parts of the body that accumulate the most sweat like your chest, back, and stomach.



After wiping away all the sweat and dirt buildup, you’ll need to add back moisture to the skin. Although you may think because you were covered in sweat a few minutes ago, your skin has had enough moisture for the day, that is not the case. When you sweat, you are expelling water and therefore moisture. You need to replenish that moisture lost after a sweat session by using a moisturizer on your face and body.



Hydrating your body from the inside is also essential post workout. If you’ve just finished a high-intensity aerobic session or a hot yoga class, you’ll need to start drinking water as soon as you step out of the gym. Your body loses a lot of moisture during these activities, and you will need to hydrate immediately to help with post-workout skin recovery.