10 Things That Could be Causing Your Breakout

If you suffer from acne, you have probably tried every treatment in an tempt to clear your skin but still have annoying breakouts. This could be due to a few other things contributing to your acne that you might not be aware of or don’t take seriously. Read on for 10 common things that could be causing your breakout.

1. Phone

Everyone uses a cellphone but you might not realize how much it rubs against your hair and face, picking up makeup, dirt, and oil. Bacteria builds up on your phone throughout the day and then you continue to use it and rub it against your face. All that bacteria is transferred to your face every time you talk on the phone. Clean your phone screen frequently to prevent the transfer of acne causing bacteria.

2. Pillowcase

You spend about 8 hours a night with your face touching your pillowcase. That means it probably has a big effect on your skin. Bacteria and dirt will build up quickly so change and wash it regularly. Also, consider using a silk pillowcase that will remove friction that can irritate skin and cause wrinkles.

3. Makeup tools

Cleaning your makeup tools on a regular basis is crucial for clear skin. Make up brushes, sponges and anything that touches your face can carry bacteria and cause a breakout. Depending on how often you use them and the amount of makeup buildup, you should aim to wash your brushes every few weeks.

4. Sleeping with makeup on

Leaving make up on overnight clogs your pores and hinders skin renewal. Clogged pores leads to bacteria build up, breakouts and inflammation. If you are too lazy to clean your face before bed, the layer of makeup, dirt, and oil will sit on your face overnight. Try to ate least use a makeup wipe before bed on the nights you are really too tired to get up and wash your face.

5. Diet

What you eat does affect your skin. Sugar, dairy, and specifically milk products, can cause breakouts and irritate your skin. Stick to a healthy low-sugar, diary free diet if you suffer from acne and be sure to include plenty of leafy green vegetables.

6. Stress

Elevated cortisol due to stress causes insulin surges, throwing off hormone balance and resulting in acne, and uneven skin tone. Find a proper release for your stress through yoga, exercise, or meditation. This will help you manage your stress levels and not have the negative effects show on your face.

7. Touching your face

Touching your face throughout the day is the easiest way to add bacteria to your complexion, causing breakouts. Only touch your face with clean hands, and definitely do not pop or touch existing pimples or you will only make them worse.

8. Wrong products – pore clogging ingredients

Using the wrong types of products on your skin will definitely lead to a breakout. Comedogenic products, or pore clogging, ingredients in lotions of topical treatments are a terrible combination for acne prone skin. Make sure your lotions and foundations are all non-comedogenic so you don’t clog your pores, creating stubborn acne.

9. Hair products

Most likely, you use various products to style your hair and don’t often think about how they can affect your skin. The harsh chemicals in your shampoos, styling creams, and hairsprays can get onto your skin, clog your pores on your face and chest, and back causing acne.

10. The Sun

Not only does sun exposure lead to skin cancer but it can also make your breakouts worse. Being outside in the sun dries out your skin causing more oil production. Sun, heat, and humidity cause oil glands to become overactive which can cause breakouts.