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What are Free Radicals?

A free radical is an atom or group of atoms that has an unpaired electron making it unstable and highly reactive. An atom’s chemical behavior changes depending on the number of electrons in its outermost shell. When the outermost shell is full, it is stable, but if the outermost shell is not full, the atom is unstable.

Salmon The expression “you are what you eat” may be more accurate than you think. There are many factors that contribute to the clear, glowing blemish-free skin everyone strives for (including genetics). Some foods—depending on their vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content—can actually help promote healthy skin.

gut-healthSearching for a solution for your acne problems can be frustrating and time consuming. Trying numerous types of lotions, creams, and masks can get expensive and not always deliver the desired results. If you struggle with acne, then it is time to think outside the topical treatments and look for the underlying issues to your skin problems.

applesYou’ve probably heard the saying you are what you eat, or eat your way to a healthier body, but do you usually listen to them? These statements absolutely have some truth to them, and you should think aim to eat food that will provide beneficial fuel for your body.

photo-1469440317162-d9798b137445-smaller Fall is in full swing and while that means pumpkin flavored lattes and cozy sweaters it also means cooler weather and increased wind. The change in temperate can often leave your skin feeling dry, itchy, and generally uncomfortable. Here are a few tips to help alleviate the most common skin problems in the fall months and help you feel better in your skin.

chocolateYou’ve probably been told at some point in your life to stay away from chocolate because it will cause you to breakout, but have you ever wondered if this is really true? What you eat does affect your skin, both positively and negatively, but chocolate isn’t necessarily to blame for an onset of acne.

Spooky Drink imageIngredients

12-24 blueberries 12 canned lychees with juice from can 1 bottle of vTrue blackberry tangerine 1/3 cup of lime juice (about 4 limes) 2 cups of sparkling water 3/4 cup of vodka (optional) Ice