face stretchingWe all know exercise is good for our health and building stronger, healthier bodies. No doubt you’ve probably spent some time in the gym lifting weights and performing strength training to get stronger, leaner muscles but there is probably one area of your body you’ve never paid much attention to: your face.

year round fruit A luscious fruit bursting with sweet juice, it's hard to resist the tropical goodness of a ripe mango. But not only do mangoes taste great in smoothies and salsas, they have a long history in Ayurvedaf and other ancient medicinal systems. (After all, they've been around for about 5,000 years ago.)

Part II radicals & antioxidants

Exposure to Free Radicals

Free radicals affect your body on a daily basis. You might wonder exactly when and how you are susceptible to them or how you can avoid them completely, but they are naturally part of your daily routine.

gut-healthSearching for a solution for your acne problems can be frustrating and time consuming. Trying numerous types of lotions, creams, and masks can get expensive and not always deliver the desired results. If you struggle with acne, then it is time to think outside the topical treatments and look for the underlying issues to your skin problems.

plant based foodsAnna Jones is a London-based vegetarian chef with some serious chops. After working for Jamie Oliver for several years, she branched out to writing her own cookbooks — and we're so happy she did. Her second book, A Modern Way to Cook, breaks weeknight vegetarian cooking down into manageable time windows (15, 30, and 45 minutes), making it easy and delicious to eat well.

7foods Get Your Glow On! If you’re looking for healthier, glowing skin, it might be time to think beyond the traditional skin care products and start thinking about what you are preparing in the kitchen. Food can be medicine for your skin and eating the right food can help support skin health and bring you closer to achieving that natural radiance. Here are 7 foods that will nourish you from the inside and help your skin glow.

ls I want to introduce you to a relatively new product: vTrue. vTrue is truly a unique beverage. It is classified as a skin supplement due to its long list of functional ingredients. The company started by launching two unique flavors, Blackberry Tangerine and Goji Lemon. The physician developed beauty beverage contains a proprietary blend of 14 botanical extracts, along with 100% of the recommended daily allowance of eight different vitamins and minerals. Said vitamins include vitamins A and E, niacin (B3), B6, B12, biotin (B7), pantothenic acid (B5), and zinc.