We all know too much sugar isn’t good for you waistline but did you know it can also have a major effect on the quality of your skin? Added sugar in your diet can make you age faster than normal, contributing to wrinkles and sagging...

Most likely, you have several products in your daily skin care regimen, ranging from cleansers to face creams. While all these products work together to give you a perfect complexion, you need to layer them in the correct order to achieve the best results. Knowing when to apply each step will optimize your skin care regimen, allowing each product to do its job at its full potential.

Aloe vera has a wide range of benefits, from positive effects on the cardiovascular system to soothing sunburn, it is a multifunctional plant that should be a part of your health regimen. Supports collagen Aloe vera has the unique ability to increase cell production, specifically the production...

Finally, you can put away the heavy moisturizers and think about spring skincare routine! Now the colder months are over, and we’re moving into warmer weather you need to reevaluate your daily regimen and introduce a spring skincare routine. Here are a few important things to remember as we make the transition from cold, dull winter weather to sunny springtime temperatures.

The second you step off that treadmill or finish lifting those weights, it is time to think about your post-workout skincare routine. Taking a few minutes after your workout to follow these simple steps can help keep your complexion healthy and breakout free.

Exercise is great for the skin. A good workout can give you a healthy glow, but it can also lead to skin problems if you don’t follow a good pre-workout skincare routine. Sweating on a regular basis is good for your mind and body but can potentially harm your skin if you don’t take the proper steps. Luckily, we have a simple pre-workout skincare routine you can follow to get all the glowing effects of a workout.

Celebrate Margarita Day with this delicious Goji Lemon Margarita Recipe! Get your Margarita on while also working on your skin by adding delicious vTrue Goji Lemon Radiance Water.



Your normal approach to heart health probably revolves around eating healthy and exercising, which is a great plan but we don’t often think beyond the whole foods we eat and look at the individual nutrients and elements we consume. To have a holistic approach to heart health we need to look at the individual nutrients like Magnesium, that our body needs to keep our heart functioning at a healthy level.