vTrue Story


Inspired by the southern California lifestyle where sun reigns supreme, outdoor adventure is a quick drive away, and health conscious living is a must, vTrue seemed like a natural step.  Why can’t our water fight the damaging effects that our lifestyle has on skin while staying within the realm of natural and health conscious?


Knowing that most Californians don’t fall for marketing gimmicks and actually read ingredient labels, our founders knew their drink had to be more than a good marketing campaign for sugar water with a little vitamin C claiming antioxidant benefits. So they embarked on a journey with the help from leading skin experts to put together the most advantageous blend of 25 botanicals, minerals and vitamins to promote healthy skin regeneration.


vTrue is not only loaded with good ingredients, but it tastes as radiant as it will make your feel.  Utilizing skin enhancing fruit like Goji and Blackberry the bright flavors are on point and are now available nationwide for you to try.

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